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               2-Day Didactic and Clinical Radiographer Course 

                         Friday - Saturday, September 22 & 23, 2023

                              Registration Deadline:   June 30, 2023  

For Dental Auxiliaries Preparing to take the DANB Examination

to qualify for a Maine Dental Radiographer License 



Classes will start in 2023, please call 207-577-3149  or email turbyne@roadrunner.com for available dates, information and registration!



Goal:  Participants shall understand and demonstrate effective clinical radiographic skills and image management that will protect the patient, the operator, and produce quality radiographs for dental diagnosis and treatment.


Didactic: A pre course study period of 10 weeks will be assigned. The purchase of the Textbook: “Dental Radiography Principles and Techniques” 6th Edition, 2022, will be separately ordered by the student. Amazon.com/books/Dental Radiography Principles and Techniques” 6th Edition, 2022. The book can be ordered new, used or as Kindle book. Chapter quiz answers are emailed to the instructor for review and coaching according to dates established.  Students will have access to instructors via email for assignments and questions.



Ø  Clinical Course Objectives:  8:00am – 5pm Each Day

1.    Identify X-ray machine components, settings, and activation switches

       which protect the patient and produce quality digital images.

2.   Demonstrate equipment identification, activation, and image receptor and goals

      for Periapical, Bite-wing x-rays, Full Mouth Series, Occlusal, Panorex,

      Cephlametic and CBCT images.

3.   Demonstrate proper Infection Control Techniques during all radiographic 

       procedures, Intra-oral/Extra-oral Equipment including 3D Cone Beam and

       Nomad machines.

4.    Demonstrate seating, shielding, receptor placement of bite-wing radiographs,

      FMX, and a Panorex on a manikin. (Instructors will activate all x-rays machines).

5.    Discuss how the receptor receives and transmits the Image for computer viewing. 

6.    Demonstrate proper film mounting and labeling of bite-wing and FMX radiographs.

7.   Demonstrate proper labeling/Transmission of duplicate images.

8.   Demonstrate proper documentation of radiographic exposures.  

9.   Discuss patient management techniques including the safety of digital X-rays,

      monitoring of exposure (permissible/accumulated) and the effects on human

      operators and patients.


Ø  Course Outline

1.   Introduction and Basic Principals of Radiation

  -Radiation History, Radiation Physics and Characteristics

  -Radiation Biology and Protection

  -Federal/State Radiation Safety Rules

  -State of Maine Dental Radiographer Rules & Regulations


2.   Equipment and Technical Basics

          -Dental X-ray Equipment, Dental X-ray Image Characteristics, function,

           Maintenance, calibration                  


3.  The Dental Radiographer

          -Dental Radiographs Uses & Benefits

          -Patient Communication and Education

          -Legal Issues and Documentation

        -Infection Control Requirements for Dental X-rays


4.   Introduction to Types of Radiographic Examinations, Intra-oral and Extra Oral

 -Bitewings, Full Mouth Survey, Panorex, Cephlametric, 3D Cone Beam Technology


5.   Introduction to Radiographic Techniques

 -Paralleling,  Bisecting, Bite-wing, and Age-Appropriate Techniques


6.   Normal Anatomy Interpretation for Mounting Intraoral Images, film or images


7.    Radiographic techniques for all image goals and patient management techniques

       tools and trouble shooting for adults, children, and Special Needs patients.


8.    Introduction to Image errors, correction, equipment, operation, patient-operator

       safety, exposure, and record keeping.


9.    Digital Radiography, Extra Oral Radiology, Implant Radiology, 3D Cone Beam


10.  Review of the course in preparation for the DANB Exam



Kit to be brought to the class by each Participant: 

q  The textbook  “Dental Radiography Principles and Techniques, 6th Edition”

      by J. Haring and L. Jansen-Holsworth, 2016.  ISBN 2021943199, 


q   Masks, Gloves, Labcoat, Safety Glasses



PROGRAM COST:   $875.00 




Cathy Turbyne, RDH, MS, Ed.D., AGD/PACE Provider #209585, 4/1/21 - 3/31/24    

Dr. Turbyne is the founder and President of Turbyne & Associates, an OSHA/Risk

Management and Human Resource/Business Management Development firm. 

Her 35 years of experience in OSHA and the human resource field, include

site-audits, program and training design,implementation, and maintenance of 

compliance/management programs for health care andindustrial clients.  She is

also an Exam IT Administrator, for the Commission on DentalCompetency

Assessment (CDCA) dental licensure examinations and an Examiner for CDCA

dental hygiene licensure examinations. 

Bee Day, CDA, RAD is a Certified Dental Assistant with 37 years in the field of dentistry.  She has served in every capacity in a General Dental Practice.  She is an Instructor with the Helping Hands Dental Assisting Program based in Waterville, ME.  Her teaching, clinical, communication, and administrative skills facilitate the Radiographer Program (RHS), the Infection Control (IC) and General Chairside (GC) Review Programs for Dental Assistants challenging the DANB CDA national Examinations.

"DANB is a registered trademark of the Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. (DANB).  

*This course is not reviewed or endorsed by DANB.".

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REGISTRATION  for The Radiographer Program September 22 & 33,  2023  To Register:   Please send this form and a check payable to Turbyne & Associates:   P.O. Box 738,  Auburn, ME  04210-0738, or REGISTER ON-LINE!  Registration Fee:  $875.00

Registration Deadline is June 30, 2023 

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For More Information, please call:  207-577-3149 or 

email: turbyne@roadrunner.com  



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