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 Review Course for Dental Assistants Preparing for the       

  DANB General Chairside Assisting Examination



Auburn, ME


Goal:  Participants shall review, understand and demonstrate effective clinical Chairside Dental Assisting knowledge and skills that protect the patient, efficiently assist the dentist to provide excellent patient care, and to prepare for the DANB General Chairside Assisting Examination.


PLEASE NOTE:  To meet DANB qualification requirements to take the DANB General Chairside Assisting Examination, Dental Assistants must have a minimum of two years of chairside experience documented by your dental employer(s).


 Didactic: The course will require the purchase of  two Textbooks: (1)  Torres & Ehrlich “Modern Dental Assisting” 11th Edition, Authors Doni L. Bird & Debbie S. Robinson.  (2)Wire-bound flip Text on dental instruments by the same Authors, Edition 5e.  These books can be ordered second hand on  Students will have access to instructors via email for assignments and questions.


PROGRAM COST:   $295.00 per student, for the 1-day course.  This fee does not include the texts that will be ordered and paid for by the student.



Cathy Turbyne, Ed.D., M.S.


Turbyne & Associates is designated as a approved PACE Program Provider by the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD).  The

 formal continuing education program of this Provider are accepted by AGD for fellowship, Mastership, and member maintainence

 credit.  Approval does not imply acceptance by state or provencial boards of dentistry.  The current term of approval extends from

 January 1, 2015 to May 31, 2019.


     "DANB is a registered trademark of the Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. (DANB),  The course is not reviewed

       or endorsed by DANB" 


 Review Course for Dental Assistants Preparing to Take

the DANB General Chairside Assisting Examination


Course Topics: Saturday:


      Introductions:  Exam Discussion


1.     Review of the Legal Regulation of Dentistry and Dental Assisting

a. Ethics and Jurisprudence

 b. Dental Assisting Rules and Regulations in the State of Maine


2.     Review of Basic Dental Sciences:

a.       General Anatomy/Physiology

b.      Head and Neck Anatomy/Pathology

c.       Tooth Structure and Morphology

d.      Dental Caries and Diseases of the Supporting Structures


      3.   The Patient and the Patient Record:  

a.    Medical History

b.    Vital Signs

c.    Pharmacology

d.    Oral Cancer Screening and Oral Pathology

e.    Dental Charting, Decay Classifications

f.     Prosthodontics

g.    Treatment Planning

h.    Patient Education, Communication

i.     Treatment Consent and Refusal Forms

j.     Medical/Dental Emergency Management

k.    Pain and Anesthesia Management

l.     Management of Referrals

m.  Management of Patient telephone and written communications


          4. Clinical Dental Procedures

                a.  Review of Chairside Assisting

                b.  Review of Instruments, Handpieces and Burs

                c.  At the chair:

                      - Treatment Rooms/Dental Equipment and Preparation

  - Instrument Transfer

  - Maintaining an Operating Field

  - Dry Field Maintenance

  - Ergonomics

- Chairside Restorative Materials

- Laboratory Materials and Techniques

- Advanced Chairside Functions, Fluoride, Sealants


5.      Dental Specialties and Chairside Assisting

a.    Endodontics

b.    Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

c.    Orthodontics

d.    Pediatric Dentistry

e.    Periodontics

f.     Fixed Prosthodontics

g.    Removable Prosthodontics

h.    Implants

i.     Special Needs Patients


                  6.    Questions, Discussion, and Course Evaluation


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