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DANB Infection Control
One-Day Safety Standards and Infection Control Course


Turbyne & Associates

P.O. Box 783

Auburn, ME 04210


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A  One-Day Review Course for DANB's 

 Infection Control Examination (ICE)

Saturday, May 21, 2023

 8am-5pm, Taylorbrook Dental, 27 Millett Dr., Auburn, ME 

Registration Deadline:  May 13, 2023



Goal:  Participants shall understand and demonstrate effective clinical safety and infection control knowledge and skills that will protect the patient, the operators, and maintain an CDC and OSHA compliant infection control dental treatment environment.


Ø  Didactic: Two books are required for this course,  (1)Torres and Ehrlich “Modern Dental Assisting”, 12th Edition, by Doni Bird, CDA, RDH, MA and Debbie Robinson, CDA MS,. Order from Amazon.com. (see Links).  This book will also be used for the Chairside Class Review class. (2) Infection Control, CDC Guidelines From Policy to Practice (2019) edition”.


PROGRAM COST:   $325.00 per student, for the 1-day course.  This fee does not include the (1) text  "Modern Dental Assisting" that will be ordered and  (2) "Infection Control, CDC Guidelines from Policy to Pratice".  These books will be ordered and paid for by the student.


Course Topics:

1.   Microbiology and Disease Prevention

a.    Introduction to microbiology, including the chain of infection, types of

infection, the immune system and bloodborne pathogen diseases.

b.    Disease prevention in the dental office, cross-contamination,

nosocomial diseases, asepsis, patient assessment, medical history

               c.  Legal and ethical considerations of infection control


2.   National Guidelines, Recommendations and Regulations for Dentistry

a.    Federal and State government agencies and their roles.

b.    National Dental Assisting Organizations and their roles

c.    The role of the dental office Safety Supervisor


3.   Infection Control Techniques in the Dental Office

a.    Personal safety and barrier protections

b.    Instrument Recirculation

c.    Environmental and surface and equipment Asepsis

d.    Infection control and dental radiography


4.   Environmental Health and Safety (Hazardous Chemical Communication) in the Dental Office

a.    Physical and chemical Hazards in the office

b.    Product warning MSDSs, signs, labels and stickers

c.    Bloodborne pathogen standard and new OSHA compliance directives

d.    Water, waterlines, bio-films, boil water advisory

e.    Occupational environmental hazards

f.     Office emergency procedures 


5.   Office Communications Regarding Infection Control

a.    Staff and patient education

b.    Staff and practice policies

c.    Chairside patient education and practice


PROGRAM COST:   $325.00 per student, for the course. 




Cathy Turbyne, Ed.D., M.S., RDH & Bee Day, CDA, RAD


"DANB is a registered trademark of the Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. (DANB).  This course is not reviewed orendorsed by DANB."


REGISTRATION FORM  for The Review Course for
DANB's Infection Control Exam  May 21, 2023

To Register:   Please send this form and a check payable to Turbyne & Associates:

  P.O. Box 738,  Auburn, ME  04210-0738.  

Registration Deadline:  May 13, 2023     Tuition:  $325.00 per Student

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