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On-site OSHA Audit



     Thank you for your inquiry concerning an on-site OSHA review and compliance services for your dental practice.  I would suggest starting with an on-site “mock” OSHA audit, which results in a baseline study of “what is on-line” and “what needs to be completed” for federal and state rules and regulations for dentistry.  The audit is an educational opportunity as well as a practice benchmark!  The detailed audit report also proves the good faith effort your practice has made for employee health and safety.  A description of the audit and cost are detailed below.  I often follow an audit report with a scheduled, customized OSHA workshop for your staff.  The audit results are often an energizing tool which promotes staff discussions and participation in a team approach to compliance.  These discussions often result in consistent Standard Operating Procedures and policies which can be applied immediately.  An outline of the workshop is also listed below for your consideration.  Please be assured that all audit and workshop information is confidential to the practice.  I will be happy to sign a confidentiality agreement for the audit and workshop, so you are assured that all practice information and discussion topics remain within the practice for its own use.


     The Comprehensive OSHA Audit, is a four to six hour on-site evaluation of

the staff and practice compliance with current Federal/Maine OSHA and Health/Safety Laws. The audit will review all required personnel policies/practices, written programs, engineering controls, work practices, training, record keeping, labeling and related documentation protocols in the following areas listed below.  Observation of clinical practices will also occur.   I will blend in with your staff, be user friendly and not be obvious to your patients!


1.     Written Personnel Safety Policies, Practices, Protocols, including ergonomics, latex, and violence in the workplace.

2.     Employee Team approach to Practice Compliance

3.     Accident/Injury Trends, Accident Investigation/Safety Recommendations and Emergency/Injury Management .

4.     Facility Safety Standards (i.e. Fire/Emergency Plans, Fire Extinguishers,

      Alarms, Radiation/Nitrous Oxide Safety, First Aid, Latex Free Alternative

Materials, Building Safety, Walkways, Ventilation, Noise, Equipment etc.).  

5.     Exposure Control/Bloodborne Pathogens Standards &  Program

6.     Hazardous Chemical Communication Standard (including matching your products, MSDSs , to current labeling), Eye Wash Station Regulations

7.   Biomedical Waste Standards/Sharps Management, Manifests

8.     Protocols governing Full-time-, Part-time, Contractors, Temporaries, Students, Volunteers working in the office.


     The most effective time to conduct the audit is during full practice operation.  Within ten working days, the Dr(s). will receive an extensive and extremely detailed report defining prioritized voids, with recommendations and resources for corrective measures.  The report is a “how to” list that the Dr. and staff will be able to self-implement and manage on an on-going basis as required by Maine Voluntary compliance requirements.  Experience has shown that this procedure saves time, money, effort, and oversight.  You will be instructed what is in compliance and what needs to be completed on all written materials.  It is an excellent benchmark for baseline compliance improvement.  The fee for this audit and report is $1100.00. 


       The staff, if needed, will be instructed how to perform and maintain a practice audit (walk-through) inspection every six months and how to keep  the OSHA Compliance Written Programs up-to-date.  I also will review the staff team assignments to maintain “on-going” compliance, if staff turnover should occur.  It is wonderful to have more than one staff person in charge of your OSHA compliance programs!


For more information and to set up this service, please contact Cathy Turbyne, Ed.D., directly at turbyne@roadrunner.com or call 207-577-3149